Gnomon Portfolio class: Project 1 final

It's finally here...project 1 of the portfolio class marathon is done (well for now)! after 2 weeks here's my final image (top).  This piece is based off of Brian Despain's painting, "Piscis ex Machina" (bottom).

Idea for this class (taught by Alex Alvarez) is that we are to take a 2D concept and realize it fully in 3D, doing everything from modeling, texturing, lighting and comp, in 2 weeks time. There are still areas in this piece I think can use more love and care, but overall very happy I was able to make it through the 1st project. yay!  I'd like to render out an animation of this piece just with a simple camera move...but that'll have to wait until after June unfortunately. 

software used: maya, photoshop

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