Finished Works

For the pieces below, I am responsible for all aspects of all CG elements--modeling, texturing, lighting, camera, and comp.  All were accomplished while taking various classes at Gnomon.  And unless otherwise noted I am also responsible for the concepts.

Software used: Maya, Photoshop

2010 Best of Term Winner for Interior Environment @ Gnomon

Texture I Final Project

This piece is technically not "finished".  There are questionable areas that I need to revisit and fix (though as of yet had not had time to do so)---the most blatant of which is that the lens flare is wrong (I did this before I really learned how lens flares worked).  Its on my never ending list of To Dos.   Oh and in case you were wondering...I did this piece and the previous piece in the same term, hence the same wheelchair....its efficient use of resources not necessarily that I have a thing for wheelchairs...well not a major thing anyway

Also I did not model this scene with the exception of the wheelchair.  This scene originally was modeled by Jeremy Birn, "Bottle Collection", from the 3drender Lighting Challenges site.  I did go in and made changes to the model to fit my needs, but overall its the same.

 Sculpture 1 final project. This was my first traditional sculpt, I was pretty happy with how it turned out. 


Texture assignment- integration of CG element
For this assignment we were given the model of the dumpster.  I found the rest of this image online and did the camera match, texture, lighting and comp work.

Some character concepts from Production Design 2.  It was interesting tackling character design as I am mainly an environment person...think I'm still prefer sticking with environments. This was painted/photo-bashed together using Photoshop.

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