Old Phone -- WIP

I decided to tackle the making of an old rotary phone for my 3D texture painting class.  Actually I really wanted to do a creepy, Matrix-y, broken/rundown hotel scene (1st Matrix)-- and thought a phone would make a nice focal point.  I plan on doing up the rest of the scene hopefully throughout the rest of this term.    I did model this phone along with the texture, and then just threw in some basic lighting for this test render, no comping yet so you're looking at the straight maya render.  Pretty happy overall with how the textures/model turned out. 

used Maya, Photoshop, Bodypaint


Some past things, Part 3

Just remembered I had these.... some more lighting studies from a class at Gnomon.

These were lit using all practical lights, no fg or GI.  Again just playing around with different looks, some probably more successful than others.  =)

Model was provided, I threw some basic textures down (I may or may not have paid attention to the UVs when I did--so please ignore that).


Lighting studies: Photoreal class

It's definitely not easy trying to light something to be this perfect!  for my first attempt at product lighting...got close-ish overall I think, but there are refection/spec stuff I still need to figure out.