Disney Wreck-It Ralph Reel

DianaJZeng Wreck-It Ralph Lighting Reel from Diana J Zeng on Vimeo.

Walt Disney Feature Animation's 2011 Wreck-It Ralph
Directed by Rich Moore
Director of Look and Lighting: Adolph Lusinsky
Associate Director of Look and Lighting: Brian Leach

A few shots I worked on for Disney Animation's Wreck-It Ralph! I'm so happy to have had the opportunity to work on many of the different environments in the movie. I am responsible for lighting/compositing on these shots, many of which I also did the key lighting.

One of the fun tasks I was given to tackle was to help design/ figure out the light animation for the Sugar Rush console in the arcade. Under the guidance of my lighting sup for these shots Chris Springfield, and working with Adolph, Brian, Mike Gabriel and Ian Gooding, I came up with some proof-of-concept ideas for the animation--which ultimately ended up being what was used in the movie.

I'm very happy and proud to be apart of the lighting team at Disney--to be able to work along side such talented artists!


"Curiosity" commercial: on Discovery channel

Just finished up my first freelance gig as a CG artist...a commercial for Discovery's up coming show called Curiosity. I was involved in many aspects of the project, though I was mainly responsible for the lighting, rendering and compositing of a number of shots. There were a lot of stuff that unfortunately didn't make the final edit though...oh well, they were cool tho!


Piscis ex Machina

Piscis ex machina from Diana Zeng on Vimeo.
And the video is done!  

based on concept by Brian Despain
responsible for all other aspects

completion time: 2 weeks
software: Maya, Nuke, After Effects, Photoshop


Gnomon Portfolio Class: Project #2 Final

project #2 done!  This one is based on an oil painting by Justin "Coro" Kaufman, it was a challenge because there were a lot of things that were kind of vague (beautifully painted...but vague) that needed deciphering.   Really happy with how it turned out. As always there are things I'd like to tweak/work on (there's a list) but for now I'm putting it away...and on to the next one! 

Completion time: 2 weeks start to finish. Responsible for all aspects, except concept
Software used: Maya, Photoshop, ZBrush, Nuke


Gnomon Portfolio class: Project 1 final

It's finally here...project 1 of the portfolio class marathon is done (well for now)! after 2 weeks here's my final image (top).  This piece is based off of Brian Despain's painting, "Piscis ex Machina" (bottom).

Idea for this class (taught by Alex Alvarez) is that we are to take a 2D concept and realize it fully in 3D, doing everything from modeling, texturing, lighting and comp, in 2 weeks time. There are still areas in this piece I think can use more love and care, but overall very happy I was able to make it through the 1st project. yay!  I'd like to render out an animation of this piece just with a simple camera move...but that'll have to wait until after June unfortunately. 

software used: maya, photoshop



powerSlide Part II from Diana Zeng on Vimeo.
Made more progress on this piece! More work was put into finishing textures, animation, comp...
Some things still need work but I'm pretty happy with how this is turning out.

HDRI pano and car model provided. I am responsible for all other aspects

I used Maya, Nuke, Boujou and Photoshop for this project.