Some past things, Part 1

Untitled- Work in Progress from Diana Zeng on Vimeo.
This is a lighting and rendering final, still a work in progress. I keep meaning to come back to this project but unfortunately have yet to find the time. The idea of the project is a personal one, the scene is based on a little village on the outskirts of my hometown in China. I'd love to finish this, but there's still some modeling, texturing, lighting--well a lot of stuff lets just say, I'd like to revisit.

Software used: Maya, Nuke, After Effects, Photoshop

introVFX assignment from Diana Zeng on Vimeo.
This was a neat assignment, make creepy crawly things come out of the dark. This was a photo of a basement I found online, which I then camera matched to in Maya.

Software: Maya, After Effects

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